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Recently I attended a conference in Hong Kong organised by ASUKABOOK . Asukabook is an exquisite album maker from Japan and I have been using their albums for about a year now. The conference was organised for Professional photographers and it was for them to showcase their new line of Albums which are the Neo Classic , Zen Layflat and DVD Presentation Book. I have been using the book bound range of Albums and I must say the new series of albums are just beautiful.  The Neo Classic and Zen layflat albums open up completely so there is no loss of pictures between the seams. You can view the whole picture as it is.

The DVD Presentation Book is something that I really love. Your DVD is presented in this book which has 6 pages of hardcover photographs. Absoutely lovely, I will definitely look into incorporating this into my packages.

Another reason why I use Asukabook is the quality and finish, which are just top class. Photographs will look best only when they are showcased in the right way and their albums bring an added class and exquisiteness to your pictures.

These are some facts about Asukabook: All their albums are made in Hiroshima, Japan. They are hand finished and have very strict quality control, any album which do not match color profiles or are not printed to their high standards will be discarded and the whole album reprinted.

There are 3 types of paper finishes, there is “Laminatte Glossy” and “Laminatte Matte”. These two finishes will give you a thicker and smoother touch. Then there is also “Varnish” which gives you a satin like finish.

I am already designing my studio sample albums and I have decided to order one Neo Classic and one Zen layflat for my clients to view 🙂

Here are some pictures I took at the Seminar,

110 ASUKABOOK   My Preferred Album

This is the Zen Layflat, there is no loss of your photograph between the seams. Your pages open up completely, the best way to show your pictures.

2 ASUKABOOK   My Preferred Album

3 ASUKABOOK   My Preferred Album

The Range of albums on display.

4 ASUKABOOK   My Preferred Album

This is the Neo Classic, this album also opens flat so there is no picture loss between the seams. This is my favourite of all the albums.

7 ASUKABOOK   My Preferred Album

The pages of the Neo Classic.

 ASUKABOOK   My Preferred Album

The Impact series offers you a selection of covers for your album.

 ASUKABOOK   My Preferred Album

The Neo Classic.

 ASUKABOOK   My Preferred Album

 ASUKABOOK   My Preferred Album

Last but not least, the DVD presentation book. I love this so much 🙂

For more information on Asukabook, please click on the link to go to their official page. Asukabook Website





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