A new addition to my toolbox – the Canon EOS R6


Adding the R6 to the toolbox …

If you have read my previous post , you would probably know that I was adding a new camera to my toolbox. I have been looking around for a camera with better video capabilities than my 5D3s for awhile and after a thorough search, I finally decided on the EOS R6 from Canon. My shopping list began with the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 and which later expended to the Sony range of hybrid cameras. I was looking for a mirrorless hybrid camera which was highly capable in both photo and video and after weighing the prices of all the cameras in comparison to their capabilities, I decided on the R6. It has very good video and photo image capabilities (images look as good if not better than my 5Dmk3s!!) and offered the most value for it’s price.

I have to admit that the Canon range of cameras always had an advantage over the rest because all my lenses are Canon lenses. Moving brands will require me to buy new lenses again and that would have been too much. Secondly, I have used Canon equipment since I started so I am just so familiar with everything on the camera. I can switch modes and do most things with the camera blindfolded (of course I cannot shoot or create an image blindfolded!).

So I bought the R6 and it has already been at work for me. So far I have been very impressed with everything on this camera. The dynamic range of the images, the auto-focus functions, 4K video @ 60 fps, HD video @ 120fps and the time-lapse functions all astound me. Sometimes it is hard to believe that cameras can do all these now.

5dmk 3 eos r

Welcome to the family ❤️☺️

the EOS R with EF 50mm f1.2 L

the EOS R6 with EF 50mm f1.2 L

Have a good week my friends! Till the next post ❤️☺️☺️