Abigail and Joshua’s Maternity photoshoot in Macau

I photographed Abigail and Joshua in Macau five years ago, that was just before they got married. A month ago, Abigail contacted me again and told me that they were expecting their first baby! I know the feeling and joy of expecting your first child and I was so happy for them when I heard the news!😊

I have photographed many couples and weddings and have done it for more than ten years now and Joshua and Abigail are easily one of the best and nicest couples that I have shot for. Joshua and Abigail and Joshua’s parents are one of the nicest people that I know in Macau.

Thank you very much Joshua and Abigail, thank you for having me shoot for you again and I wish you a safe and smooth trip back to the US❤. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your baby  ❤❤❤


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