Adriana and Olivier’s wedding at The Bayan Tree Macau

A beautiful wedding at the luxurious Bayan Tree Macau.

A beautiful wedding outdoors, and under a clear blue sky was probably the plan that Olivier and Adriana had, but the weather somehow seemed to have had other ideas. The week of the wedding came and weather forecasts predicted rain for the whole week including the wedding day. And true enough it was raining everyday of wedding week.

Come the wedding day though, it didn’t rain, it looked like it was going to rain but it didn’t. The sky was overcast but it didn’t rain.

And so the wedding proceeded as planned and Olivier and Adriana had their beautiful wedding outdoors. The ceremony was held outside the Oasis restaurant and bar and it was attended by their friends and colleagues.

There were many touching and beautiful moments at this wedding, but the one moment that almost brought tears to my eyes was when Adriana walked down the aisle with her son Lucas. It was the most touching moment of the wedding for me and I’m glad I managed to hold it together.

A beautiful wedding indeed and I feel so blessed and am so happy to be the photographer documenting it in pictures. Thank you Olivier and Adriana ❤️.


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