Andrea and Allan’s wedding at St Andrews cathedral and Four seasons hotel Singapore

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“I employed Jerome’s photography and videography services for my wedding this year in January, after seeing how he had an incredible eye for detail and how he captured the beauty of everyday objects and mundane scenery. It really takes great talent, years of experience and a good artistic vision to be able to produce such works of art. I decided that I will also go through Jerome for the videography as well, instead of employing a different company, just to make things easier for me as I was planning this whole wedding while overseas. I am glad that I did so because there was excellent chemistry between Jerome and his video guys, Julius and Milo, and this was translated into beautiful video clips and photos. 
Days before the wedding was the first time I had met Jerome. I booked Jerome’s services in June/July (one year in advance!) and all our correspondences have been via email. I explained the itinerary for the wedding day and he was excited and his passion for his work showed in his conversation with my husband and I. My husband only had one request. He wanted Jerome to be a ‘ninja’ and Jerome was truly a great ninja as on the day of the wedding, we hardly noticed his presence throughout the wedding except when we were posing for photos at Marina Barrage. When we were looking through the photos, we were pleasantly surprised and wondered how Jerome managed to get some of the shots. 
On the day of the wedding, Jerome and team worked a grueling and long 10 hours. They hardly had a break as I had started my hair and make-up at 11am, church wedding, photoshoot at Marina Barrage, Dinner reception at Panpac and dancing that lasted til 11pm at night. Jerome and team were very professional and kept their cool and patience throughout. I was blown away by their dedication. They had to rush through their meals and still they were really professional until the very end.
After the wedding, Jerome kept in touch with me throughout via emails until I received my videos and photos. He had earlier explained to me that he personally edits every single photo and therefore, it will take a while to receive the package. In the meantime, the video highlights and photo online slideshow were ready. I was very impressed by the quality of the photographs and almost every photograph was absolutely beautiful! In fact most of the portrait photos are lovely enough to blow up and frame!
Thank you Jerome and team for your fantastic services and for making our big day so memorable. I will definitely recommend your services to future wedding couples. 
Cheers and Kind regards, 
Allan and Andrea.”

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