Introducing Dao Dao, the senior dog we adopted from the shelter and the newest member of our family.


I think this my better side

Dao Dao 🥰

We had thought about it since Mai Mai passed away, and felt the best way to honour him, was to adopt another dog and give a loving home to that dog. So after some thought, we decided to adopt another senior dog and after a brief search, we decided on Dao Dao, the dog you see in the picture above. Dao Dao is Cantonese for bean bean, she is nine years old and is a mixed breed dog that was abandoned two years ago at the municipal pound. She was rescued by the shelter two months after she was abandoned and has lived there ever since.

Like Mai Mai, Dao Dao was scheduled to be “put to sleep” at the pound and she was indeed fortunate to be rescued by the shelter before that happened. Both Mai Mai and Dao Dao share similar experiences. Both of them had families before being abandoned at the pound. And both were scheduled to be euthanised before being saved by the kind volunteers of the shelters. This common experience with Mai Mai, along with her senior age and kind temperament pushed us to choose her over the other dogs at the Shelter. 

Trust me, we would adopt every single dog at the shelter if we could. It was heartbreaking to look at the faces of all the other dogs when we leaving the shelter with Dao Dao. I am sure all of them would make wonderful pets and companions at home. 

Dao Dao is a little bit different from Mai Mai

Dao Dao has a different personality to Mai Mai. The first difference is that she is very quiet. She really doesn’t bark much and in the beginning we thought she couldn’t bark! The second difference is that she is a picky eater. Mai Mai would eat anything you put in front of him. Dao Dao on the other hand is fussy and picky about what she eats, in fact, she prefers snacks to her proper meals.

The third difference is that Dao Dao sheds quite a bit of fur. Mai Mai didn’t shed any fur at all. The fourth difference is that Dao Dao is a bit of a ‘frightful’ dog. She gets ‘spooked’ easily and we have to be careful with her, especially when we go on walks. At present, I still use two leashes on her (one attached to her collar and one to her harness). Two leashes so I have a little bit more control of her if she gets spooked and tries to run off.

It’s been about two months since we adopted Dao Dao, so Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado and with much pride, we would like to introduce Dao Dao, the newest member of our family 😊🥰❤️.

a picture with dao dao on the day we adopted her from the shelter

a picture with Dao Dao on the day we adopted her from the shelter

'horsing around' with Charlie

‘horsing around’ with Charlie

That's ticklish!!

That’s ticklish!!

Let's play!!

Let’s play!!

I'm sleepy!!

I’m sleepy!!

A Tribute to Mai Mai