Jeremy and Jen’s wedding at Bartley Christian Church, Singapore


Jen and Jeremy are both really warm, kind and humble people. We had met before over a coffee at starbucks to discuss the wedding and from the first meet they were really nice and warm to me.

On the wedding day, I got to Jen’s home early and was warmly greeted by her parents, they were up early and I could just see the pride and joy on their faces. Jen’s mum even got me breakfast!

The part of the morning that moved me the most was when Jeremy read to Jen his Vows. It was handwritten on a piece of A4 size paper and he spoke about the first time they met and how he would look after her forever. It was a touching moment for everyone especially Jen who shed a few tears as she listened..

This has been one of my favourite weddings to shoot this year and I would like to thank Jen and Jeremy for giving me the honour of being their wedding photographer 🙂




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