Launching my very own 1 of 1 piece collectible Non-fungible tokens!!

The Japan collection no 1 – The conscientious temple sweeper – One of One piece Non-fungible token (NFT)

I am very happy and proud to be releasing my very own series of collectible Non-fungible tokens (NFT) !!  Beginning from the month of May 2022, from time to time, I will be releasing a one of one piece collectible NFT.

These NFTs have been created from my own images and the first set of images to be minted into NFTs come from my favourite pictures from my travels. And the first set will be from my Japan collection.

Each NFT will come in only one piece. If you own one, it now is and forever will be the only one that is in existence. Each NFT will have a unique name and number.

My NFT collections will be available for purchase or bidding at Open Sea. They can also be viewed on my blog here.

From time to time, one NFT will be released and the first set to be minted will be The Japan collection.

The piece above is my first ever NFT. I will be releasing it soon and it is called “The conscientious temple sweeper”, NFT number One in The Japan collection . It is one of the NFTs that pays tribute to the incredible and inspiring work etiquette of the Japanese people.

Thank you and have a wonderful day my friends!! Stay tuned!!