JGP proudly presents a Manny Librodo workshop in Macau

I am very proud to announce that I am organising and hosting another Manny Librodo workshop!! The Hong Kong workshop was such a success that I just had to bring Manny back to the region again.

This time it will be a winter workshop in asia’s “Las Vegas” Macau and it will be held on the 12 and 13 of January 2013!!

AND there will be something special for this workshop that we did not have in Hong Kong. To make the workshop more fun and interesting for the participants, there will be a competition for the most creative photographer and the winner will win a Two night stay at the Four Seasons Hotel and resorts Macau worth USD600!! Details of the competiton will be let known to participants on the day of the workshop 🙂


An amazing photographer, Manny Librodo was named by Scott Kelby as one of the world’s top 5 photographers (that you probably haven’t heard of) in 2009. He has won numerous competitions and conducted soldout workshops all over the world.

His workshops are attended by both professional and amateur photographers and attendees of this workshop will learn his thought process before he captures an image, what makes a beautiful image and how he produces and post processes his images to make them the “ART” pieces that they are.

One thing to note is Manny never uses a flash, he only shoots with available light and in this workshop you will learn how to “Find the Light”. An invaluable technique for all photographers.

The workshop will consist of two parts divided over two days:

Part one:

a) Manny will give a lecture on his photography, his camera settings and how he captures his images.

b) Finding the light

c) The thought process

d) Directing the model (the beautiful Kharu)

e) The photo shoot

Part two:

a) Manny’s general workflow

b) Color enhancement

c) Light enhancement

d) Making the subject pop out

e) Changing/creating “moods” of pictures


This is a brief description of the workshop flow and schedule:

Day One: 12/Jan/2012

Kharu will be our model and we will be Shooting on the streets of Macau, each participant will have their time to shoot and Manny will be guiding you One on One. We will be walking to various locations and shooting along the way.  Requirements will be a DSLR camera and preferably a lens which you are comfortable shooting portraits with. Will be best if you had two lenses, a wide angle and a medium telephoto zoom lens (70-200mm).

Start Time: Around 7am ,  End time: between 12pm to 3pm, Manny will decide on the shoot day.

Day Two: 13/Jan/2012

Processing class will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort Macau.

Requirements will be basic knowledge of use of layers and masks in Adobe photoshop. Photoshop plugins: Nik software colorefex and silverefex and Imagenomic Portraiture will be required.

Your own laptop computer with photoshop and the plugins installed, your own power cable and mouse.

Start Time: 9am , end time: around 3pm , Manny will decide on the day.

Final times,schedule and shoot locations will only be let known to confirmed participants.

There will be a competition for the most creative photographer in the workshop. Just let your creativity flow and you may just win a 2 night stay at the Four Seasons hotel and resort Macau worth USD600!!

Competiton details will be let known to workshop participants on the 12th of January 🙂

The fee for the workshop is USD800

To book a seat or any enquiries, please email:   librodomacau2012@jeromegoh.com

This will be an awesome workshop by one of the best photographers in the world, don’t miss this opportunity to shoot alongside and learn from the best!!

Here are some of Manny’s works:

manny librodo workshops 2013


To book your place, please send me an email at: librodomacau2012@jeromegoh.com