Manny Librodo’s Macau workshop 2013


I hosted top filipino photographer Manny Librodo in a Hong Kong workshop in 2011. It was hugely successful and I had always wanted to do one more in Macau. It took abit of planning but in January 2013, I finally did it. I hosted one more workshop and  this time it was in Macau 🙂

macau wedding photographer

Me giving a quick briefing on the day’s programme before the start of Manny’s pre shoot lecture

Manny giving his pre shoot lecture

We had participants coming from Singapore, Phillipines, Hong Kong and Macau



A quick group photo before the start of the workshop

some horsing around from my friend Chris Tang

my friend Chris Tang photo bombing my picture 🙂

And now here are some of my own photos from the workshop 🙂


Thank you for reading 🙂

Here is the link to: Manny Librodo’s Hong Kong workshop