Manuel Librodo Jr workshop in Hong Kong 2011

After months of planning and speaking to Manny, I am very proud to bring  the “Landscape of Emotions” workshop to Hong Kong! I attended this workshop myself and am a fan of the “Librodo style”. I have always wanted to help and share with other photographers and one of the ways I can do it is bringing in top photographers for workshops. I learned so much at this workshop and I’m sure this will benefit other photogs as well.

Manny Librodo is an amazing photographer and he was named by Scott Kelby as one of the Five Best Photographers in the World (that you probably haven’t heard of) in 2009.

This is a portrait photography workshop and in this workshop you will learn Manny’s thought process before he captures an image, what makes a beautiful image and how he produces and post processes his images to give it his signature “LIBRODO” look.

One of the most unique features of Manny’s Photography methods is that he uses only available light to shoot, never uses or carries a flash. For people who want to learn to shoot with available light, this workshop is a must attend.

The workshop will consist of two segments:

Part one:

a) Manny will give a lecture on his photography and how he captures his images.

b) finding the light

c) the thought process

d) directing the model

e) The photo shoot

Part two:

a) Manny’s general workflow

b) Color enhancement

c) Light enhancement

d) Making the subject pop out

e) changing/creating “moods” of pictures

Specially for this workshop we have managed to secure the services of Kharu. Kharu has worked with Manny on numerous workshops and is an amazing model. She is the model seen here and in the feature image for the workshop.

More of Manny’s images can be seen at:

The workshop will be held on the 12th and 13th of november.  Parts one and two are divided between the two days and begin in the morning and end in the afternoon.

Location and timing of the workshop will only be given to confirmed participants.

Requirements for the workshop:

1) Your own Camera, preferable a DSLR

2) A laptop computer

3) Photopshop CS3 or above

4) Nik software: Colorefex and Silverefex plugins

5) Imagenomic- Portraiture plugins

6) Basic knowledge of use of Layers and layer masks in Photoshop

The fee for the workshop is:

1) One time payment: HK$3880

2) Installment over two payments(HK$4000)

1st payment(on signup) 40% of fee: HK$1600

2nd payment(5th september 2011) 60% of fee: HK$2400

Please email to reserve your place.

Only Limited seats are available so reserve your place soon.