Mdm Huang of Heshan prefecture , Guangdong China

Recently, my wife and I went on a trip to a town in China that is about a 2 hours drive away from Macau. This is a town that has been relatively untouched by rapidly modernizing China and the residents here, live mostly on farming.

Although most people here don’t seem to be rich, they do seem to be happy. Even though they don’t have flashy cars or fancy homes, they seem happy and easy to chat with.

One of the nice people I met here was Mdm Huang, she is 82 years old and still lives in her small house on her own. She was looking after her great grand child when we were there and for her age, I have to say she is doing very well to still be looking after babies.

After chatting for awhile, I asked if I can photograph her and her face just lit up with the BIGGEST smile 🙂

The lines on Mrs Huang's face tells alot of the life she has had

The wrinkles on Mrs Huang’s face tells a lot about the life she has had