Rebecca and Pickles

Rebecca is a Vet at the Selangor turf club in Malaysia. Pickles is a shetland pony. Rebecca treats racehorses everyday and Pickles is not her usual patient. You see Pickles was brought into Malaysia for the riding school where only children can ride him.

Sometime ago, Pickles was struck with an ailment that can affect horses and when it does it can be the end for the afflicted horse.  This disease is called Laminitis, it affects the hoofs of the horse and is an extremely painful condition. It usually affects the front legs but for pickles, it affected him in all four.

Rebecca did the amazing and brought him back from the brink of a terrible end to the happy pony he is today.

We did this shoot on the racetrack of the turf club, in the evening when most people have gone home. I chose this place because I think the track tells a story of the two of them. Where they met and where their lives are.

It was in the evening and the light was soft, just nice to photograph some vets and ponies 🙂