Sakura blooming

Jerome Goh (7)

Recently I was in Tokyo with my wife and we were there just in time for the annual blooming of the Sakura. The blooming of the Sakura usually happens at the end of March to early April but it depends on the weather, sometimes a warmer winter will affect the timing of the bloom. They have been known to bloom late into April, so whether you are there at the right time for it depends on a bit of ‘luck’ as well.

The Sakuras in full bloom is one of the prettiest sights I have ever seen, they looked like cotton candy hanging over the water.  We spent two full days just enjoying and taking in the sights , sounds and festivities that come to Tokyo once a year.

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Baby Sakura

Baby Sakura

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The First Born Sakura

The First Born Sakura

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The Magnificent Mt Fuji