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People of Macau – no 7

Another Fishmonger at work at the Red Market. The fishes are sliced open while they are still alive, unveiling their hearts which are still beating. The fishes continue to gasp for air  and their hearts continue to beat even with half their bodies sliced away.  I have to admit, this is very very difficult to...

People of Macau – no 6

To get a ‘feel’ of life in Macau, one of the places that non-locals should visit, is the wet market. And the most famous wet market in Macau is the Red Market.   People of Macau no 1  

People of Macau – no 5

On some mornings, there will be a group of retirees practicing cantonese opera at a corner of the Lou Lim Ieoc garden. The gentleman playing the flute in the picture below is part of the group. I don’t know much about cantonese opera but every member of the group seems excellent at what they do....