The Japan collection no 1 – The conscientious temple sweeper – 1 of 1 collectible NFT

The conscientious temple sweeper - Japan collectible NFT

The conscientious temple sweeper – The Japan collection no 1 – 1 of 1 piece NFT by Jerome Goh

On one of my trips to Japan, I photographed this scene outside one of its temples. The man in the picture was sweeping up the leaves that had dropped the night before. He did it conscientiously and was fully engrossed in his job. To me, this is just one of the many examples of the dedication and commitment that the Japanese people put into their work, no matter how minor or significant the job is. They hold themselves responsible to do a good job and take great pride in everything that they do.

Their exemplary approach to work was the first thing I observed on my first trip to Japan. No matter what they did, be it a cashier at a Lawsons convenience store or a train driver driving one of their local trains, they did it proudly and conscientiously. This is something I admire very much and I think people in many countries can learn from.

That is why for my first ever NFT, I am honouring the Japanese worker and their outstanding work etiquette.

This Non fungible token is a one of one piece and is part of The Japan Collection.


About my collectible 1 of 1 piece Non-fungible tokens (NFT).


These NFTs are images that I created myself. The first sets of NFTs are of my favourite pictures from my travels and they each tell a story about the country they were shot in. Each country will have a set of NFTs and each NFT will come in only one piece. 

Each image tells a story and when I release it as an NFT, I will talk about the story and why it is so special to me that I minted it into an NFT. If you own the NFT, it now is and forever will be the only one that is in existence.

My collection of NFTs will be available for purchase or bidding at Open Sea. They can also be viewed on my blog here.

From time to time, one NFT will be released and the first set will be The Japan collection. Each NFT will come with a unique name and number.