Sights of Singapore – no 1 – The Jellyfish of S.E.A Aquarium Singapore

‘Mesmerising and hypnotic’ that is how I would describe my experience watching the Jellyfish swim in their tanks. These ‘alien’ looking animals are mysterious, intriguing and beautiful at the same time. They gracefully swim/float around their tanks in a way that sometimes looks like a choreographed ballet dance.

Scientists estimate that Jellyfish have been around for 500 million years. About the time of the dinosaurs. Amazing isn’t it?

I visited S.E.A aquarium on Sentosa island in Singapore a year ago (before all these COVID problems started). I shot these images with my Canon 5D Mk III, which is already getting a little long in the tooth but can still manage to take wonderful images ☺️.

Alien EYES!!??

The Picasso Triggerfish

Anglefish and Foxfaces

The Lionfish