The Melbourne trip in 2016 🛬🥰

While moving files across my memory drives, I came across this video which I made in 2016 after our super enjoyable trip to Melbourne Australia. Shot entirely on my Gopro hero 4 (which was the newest GoPro model at that time 😊) and stabilised on the Feiyu G4 gimbal, this video shows some of the places we visited in Australia. As I am working on my next vlog (episode 10) now, I thought I might as well share this Melbourne video since it suddenly appeared on my computer again 😊. I re-exported it as a 4K video so the quality is a lot better than the original video from 2016. The Gopro Hero 4 is a legend of a video camera, compact and packed with features when it was released, it is still useful today as I still have it and still use it to capture some background b-roll videos. So, before vlog episode 10 is released (Which shouldn’t be too far away 😊), let’s have a look at the “The Melbourne trip 2016” video.

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