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Jerome’s Vlogs Episode 8 – Going back to Macau

Our 10 day trip back to Singapore has come to an end and we are going back to Macau. We fly Scoot this time because scoot flies directly into Macau. It was a wonderful trip back to Singapore, was really nice seeing my family and friends again and I look forward to travelling back to...

Sights of Singapore – no 1 – The Jellyfish of S.E.A Aquarium Singapore

‘Mesmerising and hypnotic’ that is how I would describe my experience watching the Jellyfish swim in their tanks. These ‘alien’ looking animals are mysterious, intriguing and beautiful at the same time. They gracefully swim/float around their tanks in a way that sometimes looks like a choreographed ballet dance. Scientists estimate that Jellyfish have been around...

Postcards from New Zealand

Some behind the scenes photos! Beautiful Sunrise on our early morning drive to Milford Sounds, we had to stop the car for a few pictures 🙂 Thank you New Zealand!! We will be back again!!!